"Reconstruction of abandoned dairy farms - the first indicator of revival of the dairy industry"

At the XIX Exhibition of breeding sheep and goats, the enterprises from the Stavropol Territory will present a new breed of sheep

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From 5 to 6 May 2018 the International dog show "EURASIA-2018" (double CACIB) will be held.


Animals in Russia will soon receive unique identification numbers (UIN).


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We would like to share some pleasant news with you. This year "Symbio" LLC participates in the contest for the best office in the Best Office Awards 2018.



That is the end of the 5th International Virtual Tournament in the Dogs Frisbee Freestyle "Follow the Webstyle 2018".



Scientists of the Far Eastern Federal University (FEFU) are developing a new fodder protein, capable of replacing imported products, the press service of the university reports.



In just a year, Russia was able to dramatically increase the production of animal feed, having risen in the world ranking at once to the 4th place (from the 7th) with an indicator of 37.6 million tons, the US experts note.



According to the Sputnik agency, European domestic pigs would be given a gene from their African relatives - warthogs, which will make them resistant to the African swine fever.


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From 3 to 4 of March 2018, the exhibition "Catsburg-2018" took place in Moscow.The exhibition was attended by more than 40 breeds of cats.


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