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On July 1, compulsory electronic veterinary certification will begin to operate. 

Пятница, 29 Июнь 2018 07:59

Laboratory meat against natural beef: Whose side wins?

American beef producers are in favor of regulating "fake" meat.

Zaokskaya poultry farm and the company "Krasnobor" realize two investment projects in the Tula region.

Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Kozak discussed the issues of postponing the implementation of the electronic veterinary certification system (EVC) "Mercury", the exclusion from the system of processed food products and its replacement with the labeling with representatives of food producers.


"Velikoluksky Swine Complex", which is part of the top 5 largest Russian pork producers, will be completed by 2020.          

Boehringer Ingelheim said it intends to invest additional 65 million euros in the development of vaccines against avian influenza.


The British Poultry Council, in its latest report on antibiotic management, noted the significant progress made in the poultry meat sector.              

Понедельник, 21 Май 2018 08:10

Dozens of abandoned farms are being reconstructed in Moscow area


"Reconstruction of abandoned dairy farms - the first indicator of revival of the dairy industry"

At the XIX Exhibition of breeding sheep and goats, the enterprises from the Stavropol Territory will present a new breed of sheep

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