Two poultry farms realize investment projects in the Tula region

Zaokskaya poultry farm and the company "Krasnobor" realize two investment projects in the Tula region.

The corresponding agreements were signed on May 24 at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum by the Governor Alexei Dumin and the heads of enterprises.

So at the Zaokskaya poultry farm, the egg production complex will be reconstructed and modernized.The volume of investments will make 550 million rubles. 25 new jobs will be created.

This will allow the company to implement the program for import substitution of food.

The company "Krasnobor" in turn plans to build a plant for the recycling of production waste.

- This will create a completely closed ecological cycle for the production of turkey meat. Obtained products, the eco-coal will be in demand both on the domestic and foreign markets.This is the first such project in Russia, "said Alexei Dumin.

Source: ТСН24




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