"Zelenetskaya Poultry Farm" is building a factory for the production of mixed feed


This was during the visit of the parliamentary delegation, the company's general director Nikolai Cherny said. According to him, the construction of a plant for the production of mixed feeds will cost Zelenetskaya in two billion rubles.

The presence of own plant will allow the company to save significantly on the purchase of feed, since the costs for these purposes reach 70% of the total amount of costs.

The construction of the plant began in 2015 and includes three stages. The first thing on the production site was a railway dead end. The length of the tracks was 820 meters.

The general director of the enterprise said that about 50 components are included in the mixed feed, including methionine, wheat bran, meat-and-bone meal, fish meal, shell, salt, lysine, corn gluten, sunflower sprat, soybean sprat, mineral salts, sunflower oil and other.

Source: KomiInform





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