Laboratory meat against natural beef: Whose side wins?

American beef producers are in favor of regulating "fake" meat.

Supporters of natural products are sure that, given equal conditions for informing the population, the majority will choose natural meat rather than of artificial origin

The National Cattlemen's Beef Association (NCBA) has issued an official appeal to the USDA with a statement of the basic principles for regulating "meat" products of laboratory origin.

The Association of Cattlemen requires adequate protection of beef producers and consumers from "pseudo-meat".

"It is crucial that that the federal government ensure fair and accurate labeling of fake meat," said Kevin Kester, NCBA president. "As long as we play on equal terms, our products will remain the main choice of protein for families in the United States and around the world."

In particular, he asks the US Department of Agriculture to work closely with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to "take appropriate immediate and compulsory measures against improper labeling of imitation products."

The term beef, according to the NCBA, should be applied only to products derived from real cattle grown by farmers on the ranch.In addition, Kester said in a letter on behalf of the Association that instead of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), it is better to regulate the market with another unit - FSIS - the agency that is best suited to regulate new, laboratory-grown meat products.

First, the USDA-FSIS has a technical expertise and regulatory infrastructure to ensure that perishable meat products are safe for consumers. Meat grown in laboratory conditions must comply with the same strict food safety standards as all other meat products.

Secondly, the USDA-FSIS marking standards would provide greater protection against false and misleading marketing gimmicks. Unlike the FDA, USDA-FSIS requires prior approval of all labels before the products enter the market. This will ensure consistent labeling practices for all products and prevent the emergence of "pure beef" labels on laboratory products.

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